EHMECC Staff Working Environment

5 August 2021

Our trusted EHMECC expandable shelter re-engineered and upgraded

Rapid deployment and the ability to be fully operational quickly is a common key requirement for a military staff working environments. With this in mind, Weatherhaven’s trusted EHMECC shelters have been re-engineered with the latest technologies including electric actuation roof raising and the latest generation, efficient HVAC systems.

One of the key requirements for these EHMECC based military staff working environments was the ability to be able to function as stand-alone capabilities complete with on-board power generation and distribution, lighting and HVAC systems. The flexibility of the EHMECC internal layout enables it to be configured with multiple options for operator position and the 3,500mm (138 in) internal height provides for a far more comfortable working environment for the extended working hours of the military personnel.

Installation of sound-proof plant room and latest generation, efficient HVAC system designed specifically for container usage

Water-tight multi-layer fabric covers providing both thermal insulation and electromagnetic attenuation properties

In-field operational testing of the EHMECC

Purpose built EHMECC core prior to painting

Truck mounted EHMECC and MECC testing

Fully self-sufficient with on-board power generation

Fully black-out capable with opaque fabric covers and tactical red lighting

Entrance vestibule for protected, black-out access to the EHMECC